Dual Tooth Setter

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Set your bands with the fastest dual tooth setter on the market today.

The handle sets two teeth on the down stroke and two more teeth on the up stroke making blade setting quick; this is double the action of other dual tooth setters that only set on the upstroke. Making the Cook's Dual Tooth Setter twice as fast!

  • Built heavy duty weighing in a 97 lbs.
  • CNC machined, high precision parts
  • Dual dial indicators for checking the set on both the left and right hand teeth
  • Cam assisted setting only requires 2 lbs. of pressure to set the teeth opposed to over 30 lbs. by similar models
  • Sets two teeth in both the up stroke and two teeth in the down stroke = 4 teeth for every full rotation
  • Long wear, replaceable teeth setting blocks
  • Handles 1"-2" wide blades
  • Comes complete with blade leveling arms

When ordering:

Please add the type of blade you plan on setting in the text box below so we can have your Setter pre-set for you. Example: Cooks Super Sharp Duratooth 1-1/4 x .042 x 7/8