Sawmill Bandsaw Blade Basics 2 Hook Angle and Set

Sawmill Bandsaw Blade Basics 2 Hook Angle and Set

Posted by Admin on Oct 9th 2023

Hello this is Steven cook again with Cook Saw Manufacturing and we're continuing with our sawmill bandsaw blade basics series. These are specifically for resaws and portable sawmills for the wood log cutting industry.

Today I want to make a short video for dealing with hook angle and tooth set and we will be making longer videos in the future but today this is going to be very short and very basic.

To begin with hook angle generally is about 10 degree and that's a positive hook angle and I hold my little gauge up here my little stick rule to let you see this would be a positive rake angle and this would be 0 or neutral and this would be negative. There are reasons why you have hook angle as I said we'll discuss that at a later time but a standard blade a has an 8 or 10 degree hook angle.

The other thing that we're going to just mention briefly this morning is the set in a bandsaw blade. These types of bandsaw blades have a right, left, and a straight tooth so you have a right set a left set and then a straight tooth. You can see that by looking into the face of this tooth - this would be a right hand and this would be a left. I’m not sure if you can exactly see that but that's how I do it if you were looking as the camara is looking into that blade so you have a right, left and a straight. There are purposes for the set that are very important and we’ll talk about that in the next video in detail along with what's best for you to choose or what you would think would be best for you to choose.