AC4449 Wide Cut Portable Sawmill

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Want to saw larger logs on a fully hydraulic portable sawmill? Look no further! The AC4449 will saw boards up to 44" wide all with the ease of hydraulic powered functionality while still be portable!


  • 49hp Yanmar diesel engine
  • 44" Wide board cut capacity
  • 21ft. Standard length cut
  • 1-1/4" or 1-1/2" blade option
  • Hydraulic Head Forward/Reverse
  • Hydraulic Head Up/Down
  • Hydraulic Guide In/Out
  • Remote Operating Station with 15ft. lead - this control station is attached to the mill with a swing arm so that it is part of the mill and doesn't have to be off-loaded separately. The 15ft. control lead allows you to walk around your mill when sawing to get the best view while still being in control
  • 2-Speed head/down (fast/slow) - when moving the head up or down you want the action to be quick, but as you approach the position you want to be at you need precision to stop right on your mark. With a flick of a switch you can go from fast to slow head movement which makes for time savings and precision accuracy a snap
  • Bi-Directional Hydraulic Heavy Duty Log Turner - heavy duty #120 roller chain with logs cleats for powerful, positive log turning
  • Hydraulic Log Lift - heavy duty 1/2" thick loader arms make for one rugged log loader. The aggressive foot pattern and deep pocket log holding design allows for comfortable log placement with no fear of logs rolling back off the arms as is common with other designs. Additional solid foot loader stabilizer legs give the sawmill that extra support even when dealing with the heaviest of logs
  • Two Hydraulic Log Clamps - two positive lock log clamps or log dogs powered by strong hydraulic cylinders for securely locking your log in place. Charlynn hydraulic motors raise the log clamps up and down and can easily clamp down low enough to complete a final 1" board cut
  • 2 Hydraulic Log Taper (toe board) - used to level up a log with a big butt end, allowing you to get the most board feet cut out of each log
  • Two Hydraulic Squaring Arms - these heavy wall 2x2 square posts are what the log is clamped up against during the sawing process and insure a square cut 
  • Heavy Duty Dual Axes with electric brakes on both axles
  • Dual Lube/Wipe System - the AC4449 dual lube system incorporates a dense felt wicks on both the incoming and outgoing side of the log which absorbs the lubricant and cleans the blade while lubricating it at the same time. The open sight drip valves allows you to precisely control the drip cycles onto the wicks; this save money on lubricants. Other system either openly drip or spray directly onto the blade which wastes tremendous amounts of lubricant.
  • Easy Change Magnetic Log Scales - Easy to read and simple to quickly change out these removable magnetic scales. All in one scales are just to cluttered to read
  • Emergency Shutdown Switch - located at the operator remote arm station for quick and easy access
  • Engine Idle Down Switch
  • Sturdy 4x2x3/16" tubing 4-post head frame - not all 4-post heads are created equally as many are built using 1-1/2" or 2" thin wall tubing. This limits the sawmills ability to handle higher horsepower upgrades and limits the sawmill's ability to drag back cants of any size
  • Heavy wall 6x3x3/16" twin beam main frame - we offer one of the heaviest mills in its class while keeping it at a weight that is safe to tow
  • Easy access flip open band wheel covers - makes for easy blade changes
  • Cant Spikes - helps to prevent your wood from bowing, especially helpful with the last few cuts

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