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We sell a variety of common parts for sawmills and resaws.

Everything from cant hooks to track scrapers.

Sawmill Parts & Tools

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  • Blade alignment tool mounted on sawmill

    Blade Alignment Tool

    The Blade Alignment Tool is the most accurate way to adjust the tilt of your roller guides.Simply clamp this tool to your blade and lay a straight edge on the bunk of your mill and measure down to the straight edge and adjust your tilt accordingly.

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  • Cant hook for turning logs on a portable sawmill

    Cant Hook

    Tired of breaking wooden and fiberglass handles on your cant hook?  Our metal cant hook is guaranteed not to break!This traditional logger’s tool can help you manage logs with ease and gripping larger logs is easier than ever with our newest...

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  • Flat belt idler pulley for portable sawmills

    Flat Belt Idler Pulley

    This heavy duty idler pulley is computer machined from cold roll steel with a heavy duty double roller bearing pressed in and then we machine a solid piece of cold roll round and press it into the bearing as a shaft sleeve. For use on single, double, or...

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  • Hand held bandsaw blade tooth set checker

    Hand Held Set Checker

    Hand Held Band Blade Set Checker Quickly and easily check the set on bandsaw blade teeth with this handy portable set checker. CNC machined aluminum body construction Handles 1"-2" wide blades Easily replaceable wear parts

    MSRP: $74.99
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  • Log Lumber scale for portable sawmills and resaws

    Magnetic Lumber Scale

    Measure the height of each cut with an adhesive log scale.  Simply attaches to your sawmill frame.  Made of tough vinyl material with a strong magnetic back.  Yellow background with black lettering.  Each scale has a total of two...

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  • drip system


    Super Drip System

    Blade lubrication is a must in any sawmilling application. This universal blade lubrication system can be added to most any sawmill. This system allows for a metered amount of lubricant (we recommend one drip per second) to soak into the felt as the...

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  • Timberjack for propping up logs


    4ft. All Steel Timberjack Timberjacks are typically used to lift logs off the ground for trimming with your chainsaw. This will keep your chainsaw out of the dirt. These are not like the light duty all metal Timberjacks which are made from thin wall...

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  • V-track roller wheels for portable sawmill head carriage movement

    V-track Rollers

    CNC machined from solid cold roll steel, these rollers are meant to ride on 1" angle iron. There are two different wheels to choose from: -Rides on the 'rooftop' of the 1" angle iron -Rides on one of the legs when the 1" angle iron is sitting like an...

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