Hydraulic Sharpener

Cook's Hydraulic Bandsaw Blade SharpenerSharpen your own bandsaw blades using hydraulic power! Cook's Saw introduces our famous Cat Claw Sharpener in a easy hook up hydraulic version.  Simply hook up to your hydraulic power source with quick disconnects and have yourself a fully operational automatic sharpener in minutes.


  • Zero Tolerance Grind Rock Shaft- the rock is mounted on a separate shaft keeping the rock from moving side to side when grinding. A stable grind rocks produces the sharpest finish
  • Hydraulic Grind Motor- this motor drives the grind rock and is powerful and quiet
  • Depth Adjustment- fully adjustable for gullet depth grinding
  • Accurately Designed Cams- this is the heart of a good sharpener. Each cam is cut out with computer controlled machinery and then hand checked for each machine
    **All non-Super Sharp cams are standard 10 deg face angle: Lenox, Simonds, Suffolk, & Woodmizer 
  • Adjustable Feed Control- full speed control of blade grind feed
  • Grind Rock Speed Control - this allows for full control of the speed of the grind rock
  • Blade Rest Bearings- allows for a non-resistance advancement of the blade by the push finger feed.
  • Quick Adjustment Blade Clamp- this device holds the blade firmly in place during the grinding procedure (no slipping)
  • Sharpens 1"-4" blades

Was $2,495.00
Now $1,795.00! Call or email to order today! Or click Hydraulic Sharpener to order online.