Amish Sharpener

Cook's Amish Bandsaw Blade Sharpener

Sharpen your own bandsaw blades! No 120 volt power? No problem. We've designed the Amish Bandsaw Blade Sharpener specifically for those without 120 volt power. Designed and Built for the Amish! Fully Automatic Sharpener- just add your power source.

**No Motor provided. This sharpener requires that you provide a power source to turn the grind rock

Simply put a belt connecting your power source to the pulleys on the sharpener main shaft. When choosing your power source consider that the drive shaft will need to turn about 2800rpm.


  • Power Adder Hookup - Connect your power source by belt hook-up to drive the grind rock
  • Cog Belt Drive System - Allows fro silky smooth, vibration free grinding. No Standard V-belt can match this
  • Zero Tolerance Grind Rock Shaft - Precision ground shafts are ground to ensure a perfectly true grind with no wobble
  • Depth Adjustment - Fully Adjustable for gullet depth grinding
  • Accurately Designed Cams - This is the heart of a good sharpener. Each cam is cut out with computer controlled machinery and then hand checked for each machine
    **All non-Super Sharp cams are standard 10 deg face angle: Lenox, Simonds, Suffolk, & Woodmizer 
  • Heavy Duty Frame - 150lb = Vibration free & Smooth Grinding
  • Blade Rest Bearings - Allows for non-resistant advancement of the blade by the push finger feed
  • Quick Adjustment Blade Clamp - This device holds the blade firmly in place during the grinding procedure (no slipping). This produces super sharp teeth!
  • Sharpens 1" to 4" Bandsaw Blades
  • Cams Available for 1/2", 3/4", 7/8" and 1" Tooth Spacing

Was $1,995.00
Now Only $1,495.00!
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