The #1 Selling Bandsaw Blade Sharpener in the World

As you know, your band blades are the heart of the sawmill. If they aren't right, then your mill is not producing. There are several light duty sharpeners out there that physically can't give your blades the precise sharpening and accuracy of Cook's sharpeners. The Cat Claw Sharpeners deliver vibration free sharpening that will make your blade teeth sharper than when they were new. When you purchase a Cook's Cat Claw Sharpener, you are not only getting a high quality machine, but also 35 year of sharpening experience that go into every machine we build. We know this to be the most accurate and highest quality sharpener on the market. We Guarantee It!
We carry the strongest warranty in the industry with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee & 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!