Cat Claw Setter

This is as Accurate as it Gets!

Setting the teeth on a portable sawmill bandsaw blade is a must.  The teeth of the blade must have .018” minimum set and up to .028” so that it can make clearance for the body of the blade to pass through the log while in the cut.  If the teeth have no set, the blade will build up tremendous heat, and can cause pitch to build on the blade.  It can even cause the wood to smoke.  Therefore, if you sharpen your own blades, you can reduce a tremendous amount of friction by setting the teeth.

The Cat Claw Tooth Setter can set blades from 3/4" to 2" wide. Table mount push lever allows 850psi of pressure with the simple push of a handle. Blade deflection is pressed out as the sliding steel block moves forward. The spring loaded bar makes contact 1/8" ahead of the set pin, thus removing deflection and making it possible to get a true dial reading of the side clearance.

The Cat Claw Setter gives accurate measurement of tooth set before and after setting on every tooth.  It is built with a solid design.  Unlike cheap imitations we use 1/2” plate steel for the base and computer machined parts of the highest accuracy.  Very simple to operate and extremely accurate!


  • Heavy Built with 1/2" plate steel base frame
  • CNC machined parts for high precision accuracy
  • Very easy to operate with the simple tooth clicker manual advance
  • Accurate to within .001" of an inch (an arm hair is .003" thick)
  • Built to last

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