Low Profile Pallet ResawA Resaw is a great piece of equipment for taking squared up cants (logs sawn into squares) and turning them into pallet boards. A resaw is designed with speed and efficiency in mind. It normally takes two people to effectively run a resaw to its full capacity. One person feeding the resaw from the incoming side and another person to offload the cut board and return the cant back to the front operator for another pass until the entire cant is processed.

With feed speeds up to 100 feet per minute you can process 10,000 board feet per day if you have the cants ready to process- enough cants that it will take two production sawmills to max out the capacity of this Resaw.

AccuTrac Resaws are low maintenance machines that are unique from other Resaws in the industry. We have designed the head to move and the bed to remain stationary, whereas Traditional Resaws have a moving bed. With Traditional Resaws, as you adjust blade height you have to adjust incoming and outgoing feed rollers. We have eliminated this issue.

With a Resaw as part of your operation, you are adding equipment that can pay you back quickly!