Super Sharp Magnum Blades

Magnum Super SharpCook's Super Sharp Magnum™ Series Bandsaw Blades - *Patent Pending

The Super Sharp Magnum™ is a highly aggressive blade built upon the .055" blade thickness. This blade is unique in that it comes with the patent pending Super Sharp tooth profile and we couple that with our own alloy mix called the Magnum Metal Hybrid™.  This blade structure allows the Magnum to outperform any blade that it has been stacked up against. 1,000's of hours of testing and development went into the creation of what we think is a blade that is unmatched in the industry.

The Magnum is available in two configurations:

Super Sharp Magnum DuraTooth™ - Designed for all out production in any species of wood, even dense hardwoods and frozen lumber. The tooth and body of the Magnum DuraTooth is extra hard and rigid. This allows for ultra high feed speeds with minimal blade deflection and minimal loss of blade edge giving you as much board yield per hour as possible.

Super Sharp Magnum SilvaChrome™ - Designed to produce multiple sharpenings and long blade life, the increased body flex design gives the Magnum SilvaChrome body the ability to be flexible enough to take the abuse of most any production sawmill or resaw. A good pick for both hard and soft wood species.


  • Magnum Metal Hybrid™ body composition - unique mixture of alloy steel makes for a production blade capable of high impact sawing
  • Available in both DuraTooth and SilvaChrome
  • Able to withstand extreme tooth loads even under extreme sawing conditions
  • Powers through any cut with speed and precision
  • 8 Degree Hook Angle
  • Great for hardwood, softwood, aged, or green wood
  • Superior performance in hardwoods

Available Sizes:

  • 1-1/2" x .055 x 1"
  • 2" x .055 x 1"