We Will Build It For You

We Will Build It For You

Posted by Stephen Cook on Aug 2nd 2019

There is a world of opportunity in the wood industry for anyone wanting to work in it and we’d like to help you in your journey to get there.

Being in the sawmill business for going on 50yrs has allowed us the opportunity to work on a multitude of equipment and gain a wealth of knowledge in sawmilling operations from small budget hobby setups to multi-million dollar operations. Tim and I have worked around sawmills practically all our lives as we started as young boys cutting cross ties on circle saws and logging in our early teens. We repaired so many carbide gang saw teeth coming up we joke that we have fixed more teeth than most dentists.

We continue to work in all areas of the wood industry today: Buying land, logging, sawing with our mills, and making products with the lumber including flooring, pallets, shavings, and manufacturing portable buildings to supply the local industry. We’ve been blessed to have the opportunity to do all these things and it’s sometimes hard to believe we’re doing it all.

The great thing is we are then able to pass this on to you in the equipment that we build and the services we offer. We truly believe that there are not many sawmilling problems that we haven’t experienced and can help you solve them if you give us a try. Whether it’s with a sawmill or just the blades themselves.

Fairly regularly we get special requests for a machine that is connected to what we do or an add on that will make a machine more efficient. That is really how we have come up with some of the new machines that we regularly produce now. We like the challenge of making something that benefits you, especially if it’s not regularly available and we get the opportunity to build something new; I get excited just thinking about it. It is a win/win situation and we get a lot of satisfaction in life by doing this. Really that is what life is about and what give life meaning. It is about solving problems and that is serving others and adding value. It does me good to remember this.

So if you have equipment you need built muti-head resaws, specialty sawmills, gang saws or anything else that we can help you with. We have a highly capable staff ready to discuss any projects you need built.

For help on your project feel free to call and ask for Robert Dickard 1-800-473-4804 or 334-692-5074

Now let’s go make some sawdust,

Stephen Cook